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  • ​I often ask other professionals how they found their way to our incredible industry and I absolutely love hearing all the different paths people have taken. I feel that this is perhaps one of the most amazing things about insurance and the careers that surround it. For some, it is a family legacy and for others a new beginning. For me is was completely by surprise. I have always been a part of the sales and service field in some shape or form. I ...

Empowerment Plan

This Year's YA Charity

This year, Michigan Young Agents (YA) have chosen Empowerment Plan's Coat initiative for the homeless as their charity. The innovative and weather-resistant EMPWR coat's - created by women who have recently moved from the streets themselves - can transform into a sleeping bag or be worn as an over-the-shoulder bag. A donation of $125 covers the cost of labor, materials, and overhead expenses.

This year, the Young Agents are challenging every office to come up with a way to raise $125 between now and June 1, 2021. Watch for details to find out how you can help YA achieve their goal!